Monday, July 08, 2013


Keystone XL Pipeline Cleaner And Cooler Than Texas Wind Farms - Climate Change Dispatch
Recent research indicates that Texas wind farms cause more heating and climate change than would the Keystone XL Pipeline; consequently prospects of the President approving Keystone look brighter for thousands of jobless Americans. Based on US State Department parameters, Keystone is calculated to potentially contribute just 0.00002 °C in 50 years, while Texas wind Farms have been shown to have increased local temperatures by 1°C, at the same time requiring inordinate amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) intense cement during construction.
Unprecedented July Cold Forecast For The Beaufort Sea | Real Science
Sea ice area is above normal in the Beaufort Sea, and unprecedented below freezing temperatures are forecast for most of the rest of the July.
Desperate: TransCanada buys carbon offsets at $857/ton in hopes of getting Obama to approve Keystone XL |
But the real value isn’t numeric, Book said.

“Solar sends a message that buying offsets in the market does not,” he said. “It says ‘we’re changing us.’”
Study Finds UHI Causes Most Of Warming In Korea | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
A study of temperatures between 1954-2008 finds that UHI is responsible for most of the observed increase. Kim & Kim find that, of the total increase of 1.37C, UHI caused 0.77C, with global warming responsible for 0.60C.

We are always told not to worry our little heads about UHI, as the algorithms allow for and adjust it. But can we be sure?

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