Monday, July 29, 2013

Preying on the young: Fraudster Al Gore will personally teach these kids to spread the word that CO2 causes bad weather

Canaan Siblings Head To Chicago to Train  As Climate Leaders | Valley News
Canaan — Canaan teenagers Samantha Tracey and Lincoln Tracey will be among about 800 people attending the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Chicago this summer [July 30-Aug 1].

Former Vice President Al Gore will spearhead the three-day program...

Climate Reality Leadership Corps Trainings FAQ - Climate Reality
Within a year after your complete your training, you are required to perform ten “Acts of Leadership” as a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. Acts of Leadership can be conducted in your own community and can be met through a variety of different methods. Many of these will take the form of speaking and presenting your version of the Climate Reality slide show at events in your community where a presentation has been requested. You will be responsible for finding and arranging some of these speaking events, and others will be arranged for you through requests that come in through Climate Reality. Some examples of other activities include writing a letter to the editor or op-ed for local or national news outlets; meeting with local, state, or national leaders; writing a blog post; or conducting a radio or press interview.

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Anonymous said...

They had better bring jckets as Chicago has not seen a July this cold in 50 years.