Thursday, July 04, 2013

RIP Randy Udall: Man behind the "world's stiffest carbon tax" found dead

Sen. Mark Udall's brother found dead -
A helicopter search team discovered his body
Randy Udall | Global Public Media
Randy Udall, former director of the Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE), is one of the nation's leading activists in promoting energy sustainability. CORE's partnerships with individuals, governments, and utilities have led to remarkable accomplishments, including Colorado's first solar energy incentive program, the world's first Renewable Energy Mitigation Program which has raised $7 million, the world's stiffest carbon tax, and some of the most progressive green power purchasing programs in the country.
Udall wrote his first article on climate change in 1987, and a solar retrofit of his home in Carbondale, Colorado will keep 300,000 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere during the next 20 years. He speaks widely on why "energy is an IQ test Americans sometimes fail". Recently, Udall served on Colorado Governor Bill Ritter's Climate Action Panel.

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