Wednesday, July 03, 2013

US News and World Report opinion: "The GOP Fiddles While the Planet Burns"

The GOP Fiddles While the Planet Burns - Brad Bannon (

Las Vegas and Phoenix are broiling and much of the southwest is aflame. But global warming is not to blame if you believe the Flat Earth's Society claims. Last winter, Hurricane Sandy left some of Manhattan and much of the Jersey Shore underwater. The Arctic ice is melting, which will raise ocean levels to heights that will put larger areas of coastland under the sea.


Anonymous said...

how's the engineering going tom?

Tom said...

Ask Pachauri.

Anonymous said...

"GOP Fiddles! Planet burns! Aflame! Flat Earth Society! GOP has denied science!"

"The Arctic ice is melting, which will raise ocean levels to heights that will put larger areas of coastland under the sea."

Huh? The melting of Arctic sea ice will raise ocean levels? Where does U.S. News keep finding these global warming experts who flunked middle school physics?

The clue is on the right bar next to the piece:

“Brad Bannon runs Bannon Communications Research, a political polling and consulting firm which helps labor unions, progressive issue groups, and Democratic candidates win public affairs and political campaigns.”

Mr. Bannon, my middle school students could set you straight in a couple of minutes but I’m afraid you would not be interested. It’s not really about science, is it?

Anonymous said...

Forest fires are up because Congress and the White House have reduced the firefighters' budget.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 4:56 PM, July 04, 2013

One Anonymous to another: Why do you say that forest fires are up? Do you mean the 2013 season to date?

Anonymous said...

Las Vegas is sweltering because that is what happens there in summer. Destructive storms like Sandy will exact their toll as long as people insist on building in known flood zones. If the Arctic ice melts and raises sea levels, we better dig up Archimedes and get another reading from him.

According to the people who keep track of numbers, hurricanes, tornadoes and forest fires are down. Also, there has been no warming for over 16 years, and since 2002 there has been a slight cooling.

With this degree of accuracy, it is easy to see how U.S. News and World Report got into financial problems.

pyeatte said...

Melting Artic Sea ice is causing the oceans to rise?? with an astute scientific mind like that, no wonder US News and World Report had to go out of print and strictly online.
BTW, the Flat Earth Society buys into the AGW mysticism, so I guess that puts them in the Obama camp - good fit.

Derfel Cadarn said...

Arctic ice is melting, seeing as a significant portion of the arctic is the ocean and the ice is water already in that ocean the effects will be negligible

Anonymous said...

Where is the cartoon from the 1970's that show a wall of ice bearing down on Manhattan. They might even reprint their article from their own magazine from May 31, 1976 that promotes the popular theory that a new ice age was coming.

Anonymous said...

US News and World Report represented by Moron Communications Research and supported by the Obama administration won a major victory at the bargaining table this week when the Labor Relations Board agreed to suspend the Archimedes Principle for another 15 years.