Monday, July 01, 2013

Warmist Greg Laden: Best way to honor dead firefighters is to start supporting a couple of my pet left-wing political issues

Honoring the 19 dead at Yarnell Hill, AZ – Greg Laden's Blog
The best way to honor these fallen heroes, from afar and from the perspective of fellow citizens, is to demand that more support be given to their efforts (by ending the Republican Sequester) and to acknowledge that their job has been made much harder because of global warming induced increases in wild fire frequency and severity.
Twitter / RogerPielkeJr: Regardless a CO2 signal in ...

Regardless a CO2 signal in western fires, this paper argues that we are due payback from a long-term "fire deficit"

Twitter / RogerPielkeJr: Western fire-prone ecosystems ...
Western fire-prone ecosystems human-altered for centuries and longer. Decoupled from climate more than a century ago->

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