Monday, July 15, 2013

Warmist John Abraham: "The "hockey-stick graph" is now one of the most trusted and widely recognized graphs in all of science. To his colleagues, Dr. Mann is a hero"

Global warming games - playing the man not the ball | John Abraham | Environment |
What ever happened to that whole episode? Not much. A few hate messages that appear in my mailbox from time to time. They are easy to spot because they never have a return address and their speeling and punctuation,,, is just terrble! And has Monckton ever followed through with his promised? Nope… I am still waiting. This whole event, as a colleague told me, was the bite of a toothless Chihuahua...[Mann] has been viciously attacked on blogs and in far right-wing media as his work on paleoclimate has been held up as the face of climate change.
...The "hockey-stick graph" is now one of the most trusted and widely recognized graphs in all of science. To his colleagues, Dr. Mann is a hero.
...We have also learned that good science will always win in the end. When the history books are written, I'll sit down with my daughters and tell them the story. It has clowns, hockey sticks, and witches – a real thriller.
Flashback: ClimateGate scientists on Michael Mann and his work: "probable flaws" and "clearly deficient", and "crap" and "way too defensive", oh my!

Flashback: 2002 Briffa email mentions Mann's "diminishing support" and the "questionable nature of much of Mann's verbiage"; says "Mike could be a lot more open about the real uncertainty of his early temperature estimates"

Flashback: In case you missed it: Hockey stick co-author: "it may be that Mann et al simply don't have the long-term trend right"; "I hedge my bets on whether there were any periods in Medieval times that might have been "warm", to the irritation of my co-authors!"

Flashback: Phil Jones to Mann: "both of us think that you're on very dodgy ground...What the real world has done over the last 6000 years and what it ought to have done given our understandding of Milankovic forcing are two very different things"

Flashback: Briffa gives Mann a positive? reference, but includes phrases like "not sufficiently aware of the characteristics of some of the data with which he worked"; "overconfidence in his work which bordered on seeming arrogance"

Flashback: Michael Mann vs Michael Mann: Did I say that the hockey stick might qualify to be the "truth" as portrayed in the IPCC Policy Makers Summary? I meant it was an "obscure graph" that unnamed other people have made "appear more definitive than it was ever intended"

Flashback: Email 1705, April 2002, what "settled" science looks like: After Michael Mann writes "There are some substantial scientific differences here, lets let them play out the way they are supposed to, objectively, and in the peer reviewed literature", Raymond Bradley writes to Briffa "excuse me while I VOMIT!!"


Anonymous said...

According to John Abraham the speeling and punctuation in the hate messages that appear in his Email in box are "...just terrible." I think I know what punctuation is, but would someone help me with speeling?"

ilma630 said...

When the history books are written, Abraham's hockey-stick and Mann worship will be a hit comedy, a farce even.

riggers said...

To his colleagues, Dr. Mann is a hero...

Well that's half a dozen or so who like him. Now, how about the rest of the planet???