Sunday, August 04, 2013

"superstorms are now a bigger concern than superstores": Co-owner of an independent bookstore argues that fossil fuel use is ruining her business

Reader View: Climate change — the affects are real and local - My View - Santa Fe New Mexican
Like most downtown businesses, Collected Works relies heavily on the tourists [don't the vast majority arrive via fossil-fueled transportation?] who come here for the many things our city offers
...Many of those who “return year after year” aren’t returning, and the impact on our economy is immediate.
Forest fires, persistent drought and record temperatures are now more of a threat to my business than or e-readers. And it’s not just local weather extremes that affect us. We’ve lost sales because of delivery delays caused by climate change: planes grounded in Phoenix due to extreme temperatures, devastating tornadoes across the South and Midwest, crippling floods and snowstorms on the East Coast.

For businesses such as Collected Works that survive by offering superior customer service, superstorms are now a bigger concern than superstores.

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Anonymous said...

His real problem is the superpresident in the White House.

Whom he probably voted for.