Monday, August 12, 2013

Barking madness: National Journal reports that "fighting climate change has become the [World Bank's] new guiding principal"

Why the World Bank Is Taking On Climate Change -
The World Bank, headquartered a block from the White House, was founded after World War II to combat global poverty. But over the past year, fighting climate change has become the bank's new guiding principal, as economic evidence indicates that global warming will be a driving cause of poverty worldwide in the 21st century. The bank has become a big player in climate policy, investing billions annually into climate-related programs—and blocking money from projects such as coal-fired power plants...National Journal spoke with Rachel Kyte, the bank's vice president of sustainable development, about the economic impact of climate change.
Kyte: We've come to the realization that we cannot achieve our mission, which is to end poverty, unless we slow the rate of climate change. Climate science now shows that we're on course for a 4-degree [Celsius] temperature rise by 2100, that we're going to be 2 degrees warmer by the 2030s. And that's going to have devastating effects on food production, how livable cities are....
NJ: So climate change is now a driving force of the World Bank's mission?
Kyte: Absolutely. There are countries in Africa experiencing drought every two years as opposed to every five, or every 10 years.

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