Friday, August 16, 2013

Bummer: National Geographic suggests that because of CO2 "we’ll all have to move, and we may have to move at the same time"

Rising Seas - National Geographic
According to the U.S. Geological Survey, sea level on an iceless Earth would be as much as 216 feet higher than it is today. It might take thousands of years and more than a thousand parts per million to create such a world—but if we burn all the fossil fuels, we will get there.
By the next century, if not sooner, large numbers of people will have to abandon coastal areas in Florida and other parts of the world. Some researchers fear a flood tide of climate-change refugees. “From the Bahamas to Bangladesh and a major amount of Florida, we’ll all have to move, and we may have to move at the same time,” says Wanless. “We’re going to see civil unrest, war. You just wonder how—or if—civilization will function.


Anonymous said...

Andy Revkin can compose a "moving together" song that we can all move to in line dance fashion like the Macarena.

papertiger said...

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