Friday, August 30, 2013

Group wants Rohrabacher to apologize for CO2-induced fires

As Rim Fire Rages, California GOPer Repeats Claim: Wildfires Aren't Connected To Global Warming
Climate activists pushed back on his climate claims on Twitter this week, prompting the congressman to launch into a torrent of tweets on the subject.

CREDO Action chronicled Rohrabacher's tweets, which include claims such as "History is filled with wildfires & droughts. 1930's was worse drought yrs. blaming this on CO2 is fraudulent" and "statistics indicate these natural maladies R no more frequent than in the distant pass which Exposes GWARMING fraud."

In response, CREDO launched an online campaign on Thursday calling on Rohrabacher to apologize to Californians who have been affected by the wildfires.
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher must apologize to California fire victims | CREDO Mobilize
Rep. Rohrabacher, you should immediately apologize to all Californians for dismissing the growing threat of wildfires in our state, and calling climate change "a total fraud." If you are unwilling to accept the vast scientific consensus on climate change you should immediately resign your position on the House Science Committee.

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