Sunday, August 04, 2013

I'm confused again: Although alarmist John Englander claims that sea levels have been stable for 6,000 years, other sources disagree

▶ STOSSEL Is Global Warming Causing Extreme Weather - YouTube
[6-minute video with Pat Michaels; at the 2:30 mark, John Englander claims that "after 6000 years of stability, sea level is going up"]
1926: "the climatic optimum about 1500 BC is marked in almost all parts of the world by beaches about 10 ft. above the present beaches" High Tide On Main Street: Rising Sea Level and the Coming Coastal Crisis (9780615637952): John Englander: Books
For 6,000 years sea level has changed little. Now it it has started rising again, moving the shoreline too. In clear, easy-to-understand language, this book explains: * The science behind sea level rise, plus the myths and partial truths used to confuse the issue. * The surprising forces that will cause sea level to rise for 1,000 years, as well as the possibility of catastrophic rise this century. * Why the devastating economic effects will not be limited to the coasts. * Why coastal property values will go “underwater” long before the land does, perhaps as early as this decade.
Flashback: Roman amphitheatre unearthed at ancient port | Mail Online
The ancient gateway to the Mediterranean was twice the size of the port of Southampton and supplied the centre of the Roman Empire with food, slaves, wild animals, luxury goods and building materials for hundreds of years. It is now two miles inland.
From observations on beaches in numerous places all over the world, Daly concluded that there was a change in the ocean level, which dropped sixteen to twenty feet 3,500 years ago. Kuenen and others confirmed Daly’s findings with evidence derived from Europe.

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