Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I'm confused again: We're simultaneously told that the general public both does and doesn't know "who the experts are"

For some climate scientists, speaking out is a moral obligation | John Abraham and Andrew Dessler | Environment | theguardian.com
[Dessler] While it is certainly true that most members the general public are not scientific experts, they are experts in figuring out who the experts are and in discerning what the practical importance of expert opinion is. Arguing that we must filter what we tell the general public so as not to confuse them is patronizing and greatly underestimates their intelligence and abilities.
Study Finds 5 Ways Conservative Media Erode Trust In Scientists | Blog | Media Matters for America
Conservative media typically turn to a roster of professional climate change contrarians and portray them as "experts" on the issue. What they don't mention is that most of these climate "experts" don't have a background in climate science and are often on the bankroll of the fossil fuel industry...For instance, Fox News cut away from President Barack Obama's recent climate change speech to host Chris Horner of the industry-funded Competitive Enterprise Institute -- giving approximately equal time to Horner and the president. [Are we supposed to assume that Obama knows more about CO2 than Horner?]

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