Sunday, August 11, 2013


Why Obama’s climate agenda may be DOA: A refiner realizes Obama’s “war on coal” is just the opening act |
In all my years of fighting junk science, I have never seen a one industry embrace another’s battle based on the embracer’s realization that the target is only the appetizer.
Chaos and the Hockey Stick — Editor's Picks — Medium
Mann compares it to asymmetrical warfare.

“One side, us, the scientists, have to be true to our principles, have to be truthful to our audience, have to state our findings with appropriate caveats, and the other side sees absolutely no need to do that.”
The New Nostradamus of the North: Swedish historian: "climate alarms of the early 21st century resemble pre-modern ideas about divine punishment"
both late modern ideas about anthropogenic climate change and pre-modern ideas about divine punishment are based on the strongest knowledge authority of their time – the natural sciences and theology respectively. Both these fields share pretensions of universal validity for their knowledge. Hence neither threatening climate change nor ideas about divine punishment have been portrayed as a matter of individual interpretation, but instead as indisputable realities – truths. The fourth point is that every individual is seen as being a part of the problem. In the pre-modern religious worldview no man was free from sin and in the present times of climate change no man is free from carbon dioxide emissions. The individual ecological footprint can be greater or smaller, but it is nevertheless a footprint. No one, at least not in the West, is seen as free from guilt.
There’s no need for a climate policy
As for CO2 emissions, this scheme would have an impact, even if it was less than current expectations. It would essentially be a self-imposed carbon tax that incentivized energy efficiency.

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