Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This Is What Global Warming Looks Like | Climate Central
[Warmist Andrew Freedman] Global warming has accelerated during the past three decades, which have each been unusually warm.
Why Everything You Know About Cancer And The Environment Is Wrong - Forbes
[Patrick Michaels] Perseveration on global warming naturally inclines one to seek out other areas of “science” where things aren’t exactly what they so obviously are, which brings me to the remarkable work of the most important toxicological scientist you have never heard of, Dr. Ed Calabrese of the University of Massachusetts.

His work, painstaking and seemingly obscure, is upsetting just about everything we “know” about cancer and other illnesses commonly associated with environmental “pollutants.” If taken to its logical conclusion, it could derail much of Washington’s regulatory bureaucracy, particularly the EPA’s. Not that this is going to happen overnight, but as Calabrese’s work is increasingly accepted (as has been happening in recent years), the current regulatory paradigm will be forced to adjust.
Twitter / JunkScience: MIT warmist econ prof: 'Social ...
MIT warmist econ prof: 'Social cost of carbon' models 'close to useless'

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