Monday, August 12, 2013


Smoking Gun That They Are Not Real Scientists | Real Science
A real scientist would want to know why the Arctic has turned so cold, and why all their predictions have failed so badly.

Instead we see them trying to bury reality for as long as they can get away with it.
NASA : That Warm Period In 1940 Wrecks Our Story – Let’s Get Rid Of It | Real Science

[John Brignell] This then is the murky alligator-infested pool into which James Delingpole has dared boldly to plunge. He wryly and self-deprecatingly recounts his experiences of dedication to the cause of reason. He has discovered that overt scepticism brings you nothing but relative poverty and gross insult. One of the myths that the movement has successfully propagated is that sceptics are fuelled by massive funding from such sources as the energy industries. Not only do such sources not materialise, but such industries are often in on the rackets themselves. As for the insults, they come from a numerous body of hangers-on (Lenin’s useful idiots). Many (anonymous of course) are full of debased Anglo-Saxon epithets, while in other slightly more polite ones you get to be called "moron" by people who are manifestly unable to string together two coherent sentences. From the posh end you get ex cathedra pronouncements from the Court of Prince Charles, heir to the British throne. He makes it up as he goes along, without evidence: for example "Sceptics have no love for nature and her works". If he bothered to speak to some of them, he would find that the reverse is true, though they would tend to avoid the rather effete personal adjective.
Twitter / Chris_C_Horner: Sticker seen on Air Force One: ...
Sticker seen on Air Force One: my dog's carbon footprint is bigger than yours. The Osprey Has Landed via
The Osprey Has Landed | National Review Online
Among the many stories the prestigious American monodailies presently being unloaded at fire-sale prices don’t have room to cover is this heartwarming report from the London Telegraph — the First Dog and his entourage flying in to Martha’s Vineyard on his own plane:
You don’t say. That Romney sicko would have had the pooch in a crate on the wing of Air Force One.

If the President and Bo decide to take a dip, I do hope they’ve beefed up aquatic security by a few hundred extra Secret Submariners in case the waters off Masachusetts are menaced by the same testicle-eating fish currently terrorizing Sweden.

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