Saturday, August 10, 2013


Argentina: ATC releases lemon damage estimates
The world’s largest lemon exporting province has lost 20% of its crop to frost this year, according to estimates released in newspaper La Gaceta.
Boxer Babbles BS!!! —— And An Assist For Congressman Dana Rohrabacher | suyts space
So, no Babs, you’re wrong on every count, just like the rest of you science denying alarmists.
Steve King: Global warming has benefits | Iowa Horserace
Republican U.S. Rep. Steve King is at it again, this time ridiculing worries about climate change and declaring he’s been cold much of his life and “it felt pretty good to get warmed up.”

King addressed the issue during an event Wednesday in Carroll, ridiculing worries about global warming issued by many scientists and environmental experts.

“There’s bad and there’s good and we need to look at the bad and the good and be objective about it,” King said. “We’d probably raise a little more corn.”

‘I spent a lot of my life cold, it felt pretty good to get warmed up,’ said King.

King argued that global warming would likely increase rainfall, an argument shared by few climate experts
Steve King [allegedly] flunks science — MSNBC
“Unfortunately, the congressman’s embarrassingly simplistic reasoning gets just about everything wrong,” Mann said. “He should stick to what he knows–whatever that is–and leave science to those who actually understand and respect it.”

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