Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Obama goes on Twitter climate change rampage
It’s unclear whether the President personally took time out from leading the free world to fire off the messages.

Obama’s account is run by staff at Organising For Action, an NGO which promotes Obama’s policy, and has been used in election campaigns and during his time in office to highlight the Democrat priorities.

Obama himself is currently on holiday, while the private jet that he engaged to fly his dog to the location in Massachusetts has raised some eyebrows over his environmental principles.
Will Global Warming Cause World War III?
Despite this dire warning, even the authors of the study acknowledge there are other factors at play besides an increase in temperature when it comes to aggressive human behavior. They go on to point out how an increase in technology, life expectancy and global connectivity can shorten conflicts. They caution however, that global warming will soon outpace whatever gains other factors may make.
Global Warming: The WNBA of American Politics - Neil McCabe
Here Obama is playing the corrupt referee -- calling phantom penalties on coal and crude oil, while giving out to his natural gas and solar, wind and battery cronies free throws.
Twitter / SunNewsNetwork: POLL: Is the United Nations ...
POLL: Is the United Nations a credible organization in your view?
Currently 96% say "No".

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