Thursday, August 22, 2013


Where's the Movement Against Amnesty, Malaise, Obamacare, and Algore's Global Warming Hoax? - The Rush Limbaugh Show
Out of the blue yesterday, former Vice President Algore pops up. He is still trying to close the sale on man-made global warming. His sales pitch relies on the perpetuation and the continuation of a hoax that has come to light and been exposed at numerous scientific outlets such as University of East Anglia in London and Penn State and Michael Mann. I mean, everywhere you look in the man-made global warming front, the evidence is abundant that they've jimmied the data. They have lied. They have made things up to fit their premise.
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Attacked by name by . So honored...NOT!
Al Gore, Climate Science, and the Responsibility for Careful Communication - The Equation
He deserves great praise for these Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning efforts. But unfortunately he recently got it wrong about the science of climate change.
Climate Change Battle Space Prep | Power Line
First, the Post apparently doesn’t know how to spell “Exxon-Mobil,” but never mind. “Tobacco veterans”? I’d like Gore to name one, but only after filling us in when he stopped growing tobacco himself. “Massively-funded” skeptic campaign? My cautious estimate is that the privately-funded climate campaign (that is, excluding the billions government ministries spend on behalf of The Cause) has outstripped the skeptics by at least a margin of 10-1. Just one foundation I know of—the Hewlett Foundation—spent more than $300 million on climate all by itself. (And they now regret much of their strategy, but that’s another story.) Add in Rockefeller, Ford, Pew, etc., etc., and Gore doesn’t just look delusional here; he’s pathetic. As is the increasingly desperate and forlorn climate campaign.

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