Friday, August 23, 2013


Gaia Announces A New Set Of Rules For Climate Alarmists | Real Science
Gaia has officially announced that she is angry about junk science. The graph below shows the daily change in Arctic ice area. The end of July storm caused a significant increase in ice area, the exact opposite of what NSIDC claimed.
BBC to use bicycle generators to keep power on during Energy Day broadcast |
Biofuels, solar panels, portable wind turbines, mini hydro and bicycle-driven generators will keep the lights on and programming on air at a specially designed low-energy studio at the 5Live headquarters.
Where the heck are all the hurricanes?
So, just because the season is off to a slow start does not mean the seasonal forecasts were wrong or that we’re out of the woods. September and October can easily make up for lost time.
Twitter / justintempler: Kevin Trenberth's science fail: ...
Kevin Trenberth's science fail: If Global Average Temp Zero Trend for 17 years, then rogue hotspots must be accompanied by rogue coldspots

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