Friday, August 09, 2013


Will this company destroy carbon credits and half the green movement? | The Economic Voice
A company has claimed that it has created an additive that, when introduced into the combustion and exhaust processes, will make any fossil fuel carbon neutral.
Twitter / TTWycombe: It's funny how Oil Company ...
It's funny how Oil Company CEOs become sudden converts to global warming if it helps them promote fracking
A Side of Climate Change Denial with Your Coffee? ALEC Dishes up Some Hard to Swallow Spin with the Heartland Institute | PR Watch
Bastardi is much more than a global warming denier.

His notorious claim is that the earth is not going to get warmer in coming decades: it is going "to get colder over the next 20 to 30 years." He usually adds something to his spiel about "solar cycles" being partly to blame or volcanoes, not the massive increase in carbon dioxide caused by burning fossil fuels in the past century.
I want to live in a baugruppe | Grist
[David "Climate Nuremberg" Roberts] I’ve looked at several cohousing places (primarily online, a few in person) and most of them are just a bit too far down the hippie, commune-ish side of the spectrum for me.

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