Saturday, August 17, 2013


Another Bizarre Form Of “The Science is Settled” Claim In The Climate Debate.
[Tim Ball] The IPCC settled the science by predetermining the results and then ignoring all the rules, procedures and validations required of science. They never practiced science.
Insurer’s Climate Change Claims: A Mountain of Lies | Talking About the Weather
I’ll go through the claims made by Kaiser Permanente’s spokeswoman Kathy Gerwig, one by one.
Twitter / TucsonPeck: #SWClimate - HOT in AZ - son ...
#SWClimate - HOT in AZ - son not allowed to go outside during recess. Guess future generations of kids will get more & more time indoors…
Twitter / RyanMaue: Monterey CA weather here in ...
Monterey CA weather here in Atlanta. Misting and 64°. That is lousy in February.

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