Friday, August 02, 2013


Twitter / JamesDelingpole: Newspapers turn against warmist ...
Newspapers turn against warmist shills like Tom Burke. Poor Tom.
Twitter / RichardTol: Tol's Handbook on Climate Change ...
Tol's Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation Law: Don't make laws about adaptation to climate change. That's £130.50, please.
Cold Weather vs. Warm Weather: Which Kills More People?
In Portugal, as in many other countries where, in the words of Vasconcelos et al., low winter temperatures "are generally under-rated compared to high temperatures during summer periods," cold weather is demonstrated to be "an important environmental hazard" that is much more deadly than the heat of summer.
Notes from a ‘mole’ in Al Gore’s Climate Leadership Training | Watts Up With That?
a) This was a super-liberal “kum-bay-ya” crowd as I predicted. I kept many of my opinions to myself. The event truly did have a “religious cult programming” feel to it, similar to an Amway meeting I attended years ago – carefully timed applause, audience call & response etc. Very bizarre.

b) Al Gore himself went through the entire slide show that we are supposed to use as his “Climate Leaders.” Quite honestly, there is nothing new here, EXCEPT that there is no trace of the “hockey stick” graph that was so central to “An Inconvenient Truth”!! Amazing, considering how central that was to their arguments!

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