Wednesday, August 07, 2013


About | New Climate Model  [New website from Stephen Wilde]
However, after 60 years of study, observation and thought I see nothing unprecedented in current climate conditions and have seen no evidence that human emissions have anything to do with the minor climate variations that do appear to have been occurring.
Phyto Kinetic: Green Roofs for City Buses
Grañén believes cities can use existing spaces–like the roofs of public buses–to create new pockets of greenery.
Life at the epicenter of climate change | MNN - Mother Nature Network
"We're used to change," said Greenlander Pilu Neilsen."We learn to adapt to whatever comes. If all the glaciers melt, we'll just get more land."
As corn harvest begins in Louisiana, a record yield is within reach
Large ears signal a bumper crop and a yield that could surpass last year's record 170 bushels per acre. Some early yields have been as high as the 200s.
Manhattan Homes Under $3 Million Never Harder to Buy - Bloomberg
The number of available units for less than $3 million -- those generally considered nonluxury -- has plunged by the most on record  [Seems odd, what with everyone allegedly believing that CO2 will cause Manhattan to disappear sometime soon.]

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