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Study: Climate change makes people hotter and angrier — MSNBC
The Huffington Post’s Robin Wilkey said that a temperature spike of just two degrees could increase the likelihood of civil wars by 50%.
When was the last time this happened? | Climate Sanity
Notice that for the last 10 days there has been no drop in sea ice area. We would have expected a loss on the order of one million square kilometers! Either something extraordinary is happening, or there is a problem with the satellite data.

When was the last time this happened this time of year? This image shows the entire history of the arctic (which everyone knows really means back to 1979). This is “unprecedented!”
Climate Science – A Field of Dreams « the Air Vent
We who read papers know that historic data is proxy based, and that for various physical reasons proxy based data has a very poor time and magnitude resolution. We also know that recent data is instrument based, and instrument based data has excellent time and magnitude resolution. Essentially, the scientists know full-well that instrument data captures a higher frequency component than the historic proxy data can. If today’s warming had happened and reversed at any time in the past 11,000 years, the event would be so short that it would look like a rounded imperceptibly small bump in the proxy based result instead of the clean high frequency response provided by modern instruments.

The “scientists” are fully aware of this, yet they make claims that are not just unsubstantiated, but they are known to be unsubstantiable with proxy data. The claims are as disingenuous as you can be. Now it is true that the equally activist media likes to exaggerate the claims further, but there sure isn’t a lot of correcting the record visible to those of us lowly CO2 producing readers.
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