Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Anti-fracking zealots are the enemies of progress - Telegraph
Rational debate had been drowned out by a shrieking chorus of protest at Balcombe
Twitter / Revkin: Ever wise, @drgrist takes year ...
Ever wise, takes year off from run-on sentence of bloggery. Relevant song: Good luck!
- Bishop Hill blog - IPCC to admit MWP warmer?
The Medieval Warm Period, located by AR4 in the centuries spanning the end of the first millennium, is now apparently accepted as probably being warmer than the current warming, at least if the Washington Post is to be believed.
Scientists Turn to Melted Ice to Make Climate-Change Case - Bloomberg
“This is predetermined science,” Marc Morano, executive editor of Climate Depot, a blog that posts articles skeptical of climate change, said in an interview. “There’s going to be a collective yawn from most of the world when this report comes out. Ultimately, this report is going to add very little to the scientific debate.”

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