Friday, August 09, 2013


Watch Now — Rare TV Climate Debate: Meteorologist Joe Bastardi debates warmist Discover Magazine editor-at-large Corey Powell on Fox Business | Climate Depot

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Chevy Volt Owners Have More Money than Brains - Michael Schaus - Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary - Page full
According to, and other irrefutable sources, the Volt costs roughly 7 cents a mile to operate before the cost of the battery is taken into account. After the inevitable cost of the battery is accounted for, the cost of operation increases to 17 cents per mile. Compare that with the Cruze’s 11 cents per mile. I know I’m just a finance guy who has a fascination with Excel spreadsheets and slide rulers, but it appears to me that 17 is a larger number than eleven.
Cameron Finally Catches up With UKIP Policy on Shale Gas Fracking | Tallbloke's Talkshop
Britain would be “making a big mistake” if it did not seriously consider fracking and the prospect of cheaper gas prices, the Prime Minister has said.
German researcher says Global Warming is a dud
Storch: So far, no one has been able to provide a compelling answer to why climate change seems to be taking a break. We’re facing a puzzle.

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