Thursday, August 22, 2013


Why Republicans (And Others) Place A Low Priority On Global Warming - Forbes
Global warming typically ranks dead last when the Pew Research Center asks voters to list the “top priorities for the president and Congress” each year. Yet the New York Times and other major media strain to keep the global warming movement alive by carefully ignoring global warming “skeptics,” and giving undeserved coverage to a small minority of liberal Republicans who call for carbon dioxide restrictions.
The toxic political debate of climate change - 22/08/2013
[Australia] Public support for climate change has diminished and as the election looms, the two parties have similar targets for reducing carbon emissions but totally different policies for how to get there.
- Bishop Hill blog - More evidence that green jobs are illusory
Pat Swords writes to tell me of an official report that has been published in Germany this week, featuring findings of research commissioned by the German Ministry of Environment (BMU) and the Federal Environment Agency(UBA). The report confirms that the Green economy is a dud, and produces few, if any jobs
Most aggressive Obama climate plan accomplishes nothing |
A 26% reduction in U.S. coal plant emissions — about 500 million tons/year — is meaningless means since annual manmade emissions are projected to rise to about 45 billion tons by 2040 — a 46% increase from 2010.

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