Wednesday, August 21, 2013


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[fracking protester] My great uncle designed a perpetual motion machine.
If Sea Level Were Rising, Wouldn’t The 50 Million People In California Have Noticed? | Real Science
There has been no change in California sea level during the lifetime of most of its residents.

Josh Willis of NASA says that that sea level will rise two metres the rest of the century.
New York Times Eliminates 97% Of The Greenhouse Effect | Real Science
In the tropics, water vapor causes 97% of the greenhouse effect. The New York Times has eliminated all water vapor from the atmosphere, and made CO2 the primary greenhouse gas.

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papertiger said...

Have you noticed the spate of JFK grassy noll second shooter conspiracy garbage that Steve Goddard has been churning out lately?

It's exactly the type of brain dead stuff that Cook, Lewandowski et al have been pushing as a meme.
"Skeptics are conspiracy kooks." and that line of horse manure.

Steven's even started blocking my comments. You might think "That's no big deal. PT is a bit foul mouthed, and full of himself.", and that would be right in the case of Tom Nelson's blog, but it is totally out of character for Steve Goddard. Two years ago I cussed the man a blue streak with a back an forth exchange over some niggling bit of minutia that lasted several days. He never blocked a single word. Now he blocks me for saying "But Steve, that's a Carcano rifle they're holding up, not a Mauser."?

Something is wrong there. It's not in step with Goddard's nature.

Well I have a conspiracy theory of my own. Maybe now that the Great Divider has adopted the global warming con as his second term cause, he has sent out the goon squad to take a proactive hand in squelching dissent.

Obama's goons have Steven's nephew, dog, tax returns, favorite bike, on ice under threat of harm if he doesn't post a load of conspiracy theory tripe on his blog.
That's what I think.

Watch your six, Tom. And good luck. I think you are going to need it. I think we are all going to need it.