Thursday, August 29, 2013


'Wakan Tanka' aims to unite youth and elders to fight climate change | The Vancouver Observer
...It's the central idea behind producer Margery Moore's highly anticipated feature film, Wakan Tanka.

Featuring interviews with highly-regarded elders including David Suzuki, Robert Bateman, Grandmother Agnes, Haida elder Miles Richardson and former NASA climate scientist James Hansen, the film gives voice to an older generation, who aim to speak to the hearts of younger audiences. Part music video, part documentary, and part fantasy, Wakan Tanka is unique and original.
Keystone XL's Climate Impact Would Be Enormous, According to Enviros
WASHINGTON -- Further development of the Canadian tar sands will be a disaster for the climate, and the proposed Keystone XL pipeline is the "linchpin" for that development, a coalition of environmental groups said on Thursday.
Twitter / ClimateReality: "The future of the human race ...
"The future of the human race hangs in the balance." - @AlGore #CRinCHI on #climate change

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