Wednesday, August 21, 2013


2899 Record cold temps vs 667 record warm temps
From July 24 to August 19
5 Terrifying Statements in the Leaked Climate Report | Mother Jones
The draft report says that 20 percent of the carbon dioxide currently in the atmosphere will stay there for an almost unimaginably long time—more than 1,000 years
Flashback: CO2 Science
He finds that the RT for bulk atmospheric CO2, the molecule 12CO2, is ~5 years, in good agreement with other cited sources (Segalstad, 1998), while the RT for the trace molecule 14CO2 is ~16 years. Both of these residence times are much shorter than what is claimed by the IPCC.
Opinion: Our world of carbon doublespeak
We should not be building new coal mines, oilsands plants, oil pipelines and coal ports unless the users of these fuels capture and store the carbon pollution (which is technically feasible).
Climate change and “environmental journalism” | Grist
The reason The New York Times has a half-dozen blogs about cars and one about the environment is that lots of people love reading about cars and not that many love reading about the horrible stuff human beings are doing to ecosystems....Climate change is about rapidly accelerating changes in the substrate of modern civilization, the weather patterns and sea levels that have held relatively steady [ie, Eden!] throughout all advanced human development.

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