Thursday, August 29, 2013


THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds a long-term decrease in fire activity
A new paper published in Quaternary Research reconstructs fire activity in Israel and finds, "a long-term decline in fire activity over the past 3070 years, from high biomass burning ~ 3070–1750 years before the present to significantly lower levels after ~ 1750 years before the present." The paper corroborates several other peer-reviewed papers demonstrating a long-term decrease in fire activity and that current levels of fire activity are not unusual or unprecedented.
Carbon fix : Nature Climate Change : Nature Publishing Group
It is often said that those of us who live in affluent, developed counties are 'addicted' to our high-carbon lifestyles, which depend on profligate use of energy and material resources. Think of central heating, air conditioning, our reluctance to wean ourselves off international air travel — whether for business or pleasure — and the amount of meat that we consume in our diets.
Your Steak Is Addicted to Drugs | Mother Jones
Americans' appetite for beef has been waning for decades—we now eat an average of about 60 pounds per person annually, versus about 80 pounds in the late 1970s.
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In other words the majority of the 20th-century warming may be natural rather than anthropogenic.

Which looks like a bit of a problem for the IPCC's imminent announcement that it's all down to us.

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