Saturday, August 31, 2013


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Alex Cull has posted a transcript of yesterday's More or Less show on the BBC, which had a segment on climate refugees. It seems that Labour's Chris Bryant has been citing a study that has long since been debunked and which is so embarrassingly wrong that even COIN and the UN have disowned it.
Ice sheet collapse? | Climate Etc.
MSL during the last interglacial, the Eemian (MIS 5e), peaked twice above present MSL. The first peak was at least 6.6 meters higher, and the second was least 4 meters higher, with temperatures that naturally peaked at least 3°C higher. All without any AGW help. The first Eemian rise above present MSL took about 3 millennia (22cm/century), and the first refreeze about back to it took about 4 millennia (16.5cm/century). Typical maximum melt/freeze rates, it seems.
Rowers Discover That Mark Serreze’ Linear Trends Are A Bunch Of Breathtakingly Ignorant BS | Real Science
It turns out that climate is cyclical, not linear, and does not correlate with CO2.
Learning From the Hiatus | Climate Abyss | a blog
Natural variability appears to have caused the recent hiatus but appears not to have contributed significantly to the previous period of rapid warming.

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