Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Todays Scores From The Arctic – Russian Coastguard 1 Greenpeace 0 | Tory Aardvark
Entry to the Northern Sea Route is by permit only, Greenpeace applied 3 times, and 3 times the Russians rejected the application, so the nobly motivated watermelons at Greenpeace decided they would ignore the lack of permit and go anyway.

A major miscalculation by Greenpeace
The Tyee – How Anti-Keystone Activists Plan to Solve Climate Change
[Matthew Nisbet] after 2 years of campaigning against the Keystone XL pipeline, it doesn't appear that the stated goal of driving a wedge between conservatives and moderates has been achieved. To the contrary, liberal activists may be losing their credibility with moderates
People Don’t Fear Climate Change Enough - Bloomberg
It is gradual rather than sudden. The idea of warmer climates doesn’t produce anger, revulsion or disgust.

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