Saturday, August 10, 2013


400 PPM CO2 Update! | Real Science
Coldest summer on record at the North Pole
Highest August Arctic ice extent since 2006
Record high August Antarctic ice extent
No major hurricane strikes for eight years
Slowest tornado season on record
No global warming for 17 years
Second slowest fire season on record
Four of the five snowiest northern hemisphere winters have occurred since 2008

The CO2 scam is a thing of the past!
The price of moral-vanity: A catalogue of Green economic disaster unfolds across Europe « JoNova
[Germany] Seimens closed it’s entire solar division, losing about €1bn. Bosch is getting out too, it has lost about €2.4bn.
Solar investors have lost almost about €25bn in the past year. More than 5,000 companies associated with solar have closed since 2010.
John Cook Says That Ice Ages Occur At 3,000 PPM | Real Science
In John Cook’s world, 400 PPM fries the planet, but 3,000 PPM causes ice ages.
50% Increase In Arctic Sea Ice Since Last Year | Real Science

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