Sunday, August 04, 2013


Twitter / Climate_Sceptic: A richer but warmer world is ...
A richer but warmer world is better for human welfare than a colder but poorer world would be. #renewunable
PIOMAS Shows 19% Gain In Arctic Ice Volume Since July 31, 2012 | Real Science
PIOMAS shows July 31 Arctic sea ice volume at 7,104 km³, up from 5.965 km³ last year.
Twitter / aDissentient: Proceeds of plastic bag levy ...
Proceeds of plastic bag levy to be paid to green groups who campaigned for it.
Rise In Violence Linked To Poor Statistics. Or Climate Change | William M. Briggs
They mixed data from sources as disparate as the MSNBC and Fox News, they compared apples to roller blading, they contrasted black with semiotics. Data from last Tuesday was said to be equal in veracity to that culled from 8000 BC. They dumped into a computer a bunch of numbers lots of people found from all over the place, measuring God knows what, and produced lots of sharp graphics and one big quantitative result that hot, rainy weather is bad for you.
Big protest at Chevron Richmond refinery is latest example of climate activists stepping up rallies and marches - San Jose Mercury News
"The solution is not to just shut down the fossil industry," Field said. "It is to transition the energy system to a sustainable one. It has to have as much building as closing down."

Larry Gerston, a professor of political science at San Jose State University, said that although polls show many Americans concerned about climate change, the economy in recent years has taken precedence.
"Every time we see a Hurricane Sandy or a Katrina or a tremendous drought, these protesters have to connect the dots for people," he said. "The only way the message gets out is when people are hit on the head again and again."

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