Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Time for the BBC to ban the 'D' word? – Telegraph Blogs
...Anyway, when she's not swanning around her department radiating goodness, light, truth and beauty (so various recorded tributes told us), Haigh is a fervent believer in the IPCC, in man-made global warming, sections on "climate change" in Geography GCSEs and so on. She also has no time for climate sceptics who, she said, she prefers to call "deniers".
What a Difference a Year Makes in the Arctic - Climate Change Weather Blog
This year's Arctic sea ice minimum is now projected to be very close to 5 million sq./km which is still well-below the 1981-2010 normal, but significantly higher than last year's record low minimum of 3.41 million sq/km and more in line with several annual minimums over the past decade.
Coburn: 'I am a global warming denier' - The Hill's E2-Wire
Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) wanted to make sure he didn’t mince words when it comes to his position on climate change.

“I am a global warming denier. I don’t deny that,” he said during a Monday speech at the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce, according to the Tulsa World.

A physician by trade, Coburn leaned on his science credentials to assert that evidence shows the Earth is headed for a “mini-ice age.”

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