Thursday, August 29, 2013


What is internal variability? | Climate Etc.
To summarise, the IPCC have largely ruled out internal climate change, and used physics to exaggerate processes that would normally have little impact on their own, to explain the origin of the climate.
2013 Northwest Passage CLOSED without Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker escorts for transit. | sunshine hours
At least 22 yachts and other vessels are in the Arctic at the moment. Some who were less advanced have retreated and others have abandoned their vessels along the way. Still others are caught in the ice in an unfolding, unresolved drama.”
Polar Bear Blog – Summer’s Almost Done!
As for polar bears, things are sounding really good over in the Chukchi Sea, the area between Alaska and Russia including Wrangel Island. A new report that isn’t getting a whole lot of attention is reporting high birth rates and healthy bears – not too long ago, this population was considered as a high-risk.

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