Thursday, August 22, 2013


Energy Roundup and Other Miscellaneous Notes | Power Line
Item: MIT’s Technology Review wonders whether widespread adoption of electric cars could destabilize the grid, most of which may not be able to handle spikes in demand when everyone plugs in their cars at night to recharge (and when the sun goes down on all the solar panels):
Is Clean Air the Cause of Global Warming? | Power Line
More work remains to be done, but it is a delightful thought, isn’t it? Who’s responsible for global warming? The EPA!
U.S. Energy Security: Getting Better | Power Line
“Energy independence” is actually an unsound idea if it means literally getting all of our energy from within the four corners of the United States, for the same reason that no one ever calls for “food independence,” “wine independence” (Mon Dieu!), or “automobile independence.”
Twitter / clim8resistance: Newspaper that invests millions ...
Newspaper that invests millions in its social media presence whinges about environmental cost of social media.

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Beale said...

What "energy independence" really means is de-industrialization.