Monday, August 26, 2013


Greenpeace forced out of Russian waters after coast guard allegedly turns guns on ship | National Post
A Greenpeace icebreaker that entered Russia’s Arctic without permission to protest offshore energy exploration is leaving after being threatened with gunfire by that country’s coast guard.  [Via SC]
I know I’m right (?) | Climate Etc.
JC comment: there is an implicit expectation that the IPCC’s confidence level will increase with each assessment report. Hence the ‘leaked’ 95% confidence level for attribution from the forthcoming AR5 report, in spite of reduced accuracy of the climate models relative to the last 15+ years of observations and apparent lowering of the climate sensitivity bound to 1.5C.
Pacific women study climate change in the US | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia
A select group of the regions leader's have been touring the United States to meet with policymakers, scientists, and innovators to share their experiences and to learn about U.S. efforts to combat climate change.

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