Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Twitter / nmrqip
Skeptical Science forum goes completely mad:
Twitter / RyanMaue: Working w/little available ...
Working w/little available moisture, Arctic cyclone will cover large area with fresh, bright white snow thru 4-days
Twitter / etzpcm: [Dessler] is biggest load of ...
[Dessler] is biggest load of tosh I've read in literally hours, since AGU climate statement, says
New Mexico Was In Drought For Almost The Entire 13th Century | Real Science
According to climate experts, your SUV caused this cannibalism.
New Mexico Was In Drought Almost Continuously From 1946 To 1972 | Real Science
Note that the late 1950s drought was off scale at -142.

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Cook disappeared the image.

Did you save a screenshot?