Saturday, August 03, 2013


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A Video from the Cabin [Hey Arctic rowers: it doesn't look very warm up there to me.]
Ryan Maue on Twitter
Einstein's plunge into political discourse after WWII mimics today's climate science movement ideals "Why Socialism?"
Biologists spreading misinformation: hybridization with grizzlies not due to polar bears moving inland | polarbearscience
modern grizzlies are going to the sea ice in the spring to mate with polar bears rather than polar bears going on land to mate with grizzlies
Twitter / omnologos: Cries of "denial!" are survival ...
Cries of "denial!" are survival tactic for those too unfamiliar with the science to cope with uncertainty @climate_ice @BarryJWoods @flimsin
Obama is Leading the World to Climate Hell » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
Urgently needed is a wartime-like “worldwide mobilization – to transform rapidly from our fossil fuel-reliant past and present to a clean energy future,”says Robert Weissman. Viable zero-carbon plans are already available in the USA, UK and Australia...We have decided to try something unusual and different: to enlist the power of music

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