Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Institute for Energy Research | Scathing MIT Paper Blasts Obama’s Climate Models
Robert Pindyck is exactly the sort of expert we are being told should have the floor in the climate change debate: He is not from industry, but instead is an academic at a prestigious post at MIT. He has been publishing on energy issues (including entire books) since the 1970s. And yet, in his recent paper assessing the computer models currently driving federal policy, he concludes: “I have argued that IAMs are of little or no value for evaluating alternative climate change policies and estimating the SCC. On the contrary, an IAM-based analysis suggests a level of knowledge and precision that is nonexistent.”
New York Times AWOL on Climate | Planet3.0
The New York Times failed to cover both a major government report and a scientists’ statement indicating that global warming marches on, just months after the paper shuttered both its environment desk and an affiliated blog with the promise that coverage would not significantly change.
Rudd"s “terminated” tax will actually soar | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Do the maths. Rudd claims he’s cutting the carbon price to $6. His own Budget update - and today’s PEFO - confirm his Budget actually relies on the carbon price rising to nearly $19 three years from now (and $38 in six years).
Carbon Dioxide: The Green Greenhouse Gas of Life (and ‘miracle molecule’) — MasterResource
“CO2 is also a pollution fighter that reduces the harmful effects of ozone, nitrous oxides and other pollutants in the air, or too much nitrogen fertilizer in the soil.”
52% Increase In Arctic Sea Ice Since Last Year | Real Science
Ice extent is the highest since 2006.

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