Sunday, August 18, 2013


Twitter / capitalweather: High just 67!!! MT @wcl_shawn: ...
High just 67!!! MT @wcl_shawn: Coolest August day on record in Atlanta. Previous record was 70° in 1892
Australian floods lowered worldwide sea levels | Grist
from mid-2010 until 2011 sea levels dropped by 7 millimeters
Missouri Summers Cooler Than When Mark Twain Lived There | Real Science
This month is so far one of the ten coolest August’s on record in Missouri. August temperatures have been declining since 1895.
Understanding The Consenus | Real Science
Obama’s cabinet secretaries say that any employee who doesn’t believe in catastrophic Mann-made global warming will be purged. Obama says that climate skeptics are “flat earthers” and that he has no patience for them.

By a shocking coincidence, 97% of remaining employees say that they believe in catastrophic Mann-made global warming.

Just another day in the Obama Banana Republics.

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