Friday, August 09, 2013


Twitter / Climate_Sceptic: The less CO2 a nation burns, ...
The less CO2 a nation burns, the more of its children will die before they reach adulthood. #renewunable
Twitter / clim8resistance: I'm sure I don't remember ...
[regarding BBC coverage of fracking opponents] I'm sure I don't remember @BBCPolitics ever being so interested in local groups opposed to wind farms.
Power Density and Fuel Use Transformation | The Energy Collective
look at that dot in the top right, that is Bombay. For Bombay to get all of its energy needs from solar in my hypothetical future it would need to harness almost 100% of the solar radiation that strikes it, a remote prospect. This extremely high population density is routinely ignored by western environmentalists calling for distributed energy to be the solution to India's energy problems. It quite clearly is not.
U.S. corn falls to three-year low on record crop outlook
U.S. new-crop corn futures fell to a three-year low on Friday and soy slipped as well on prospects for record harvests this autumn.

"The path of least resistance is lower since there is still no legitimate weather threat to the crop and still forecasts for record production," said Shawn McCambridge, analyst at Jefferies Bache.

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