Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Fears as harsh winter kills one-third of bee colonies | Herald Scotland
ALMOST one-third of Scotland's managed bee colonies were wiped out during the winter as icy conditions played havoc on already fragile populations.
It's a record year for Kentucky crops - Louisville - Business First
According to an Associated Press report, the mild temperatures and abundant rain this spring and summer have resulted in record crop yields for corn and soybeans grown in Kentucky.
Greenland may not have reached highest recorded summer temperature in late July
The DMI now says the record may not be legitimate, because artificial heat sources near the observing station may have contaminated the temperature sensor.
Twitter / DrShepherd2013: reviewing proposals for an ...
reviewing proposals for an Agency. Amazed @ intellectual capital/year used by colleagues thinking up cute acronyms for studies/campaigns :)
A grand solar minimum would barely make a dent in human-caused global warming | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment |
The cooling effect of a grand solar minimum can also be estimated very easily without the aid of climate models, because the change in the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth's surface is directly proportional to the temperature change it causes...The science is quite clear that the human influence on climate change
has become bigger than the sun's. At this point, speculation about
another mini ice age is pure fantasy.

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