Friday, August 23, 2013


Why Millennials Are Ditching Cars And Redefining Ownership : NPR
[caption] Zach Brown's preferred mode of transportation is his skateboard.
Tasmania - Coldest August day in 41 years
Skiers rejoice.
While some snow is not that unusual in Tasmania at this time of the year the temperatures were unusually low with it being the coldest August day in 41 years for the capital , Hobart
Gore's Staff Claims He Was Misqoted on Hurricane Categories, Klein Complies | National Review Online
It obviously wouldn’t be too difficult for Klein to consult his recording and discover what Gore actually said, rather than relaying his staff’s claims alone, but the blogger explained he is on vacation and doesn’t have his tape recorder.
Swiss law to slash firms’ offset buying, spurn U.N. credits - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Aug 23 (Reuters Point Carbon) – Swiss fuel importers will slash their annual offset purchases by 76 percent under a new law that forces them to source domestic offsets costing up to 100 francs (81 euros, $108 mln) per tonne, rather than cheaper U.N. carbon credits.

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