Tuesday, August 20, 2013


EPA critic to NSA: Hey, want to share? - Erica Martinson - POLITICO.com
Attorney Chris Horner has filed a Freedom of Information Act request, asking the NSA to turn over any information it might have gleaned from former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s personal Verizon email account.
How Australia's Big Wet Befuddled Scientists
The country had its wettest back-to-back years on record, with rainfall averaging more than 50 per cent above normal, Dr Karoly said.
2008: The “Big Dry” Sucks the Life from Australia | Global Climate Change Information
After 10 years of drought, parched Australians threw out a government that was denying climate change and elected one that was committed to climate action. Within days, the country had signed the Kyoto Protocol - Australia, along with the United States, was one of only two industrialized countries that had not signed the international agreement to combat global warming - and began to search for ways of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Weather was far more convincing than scientific predictions of climate change.
Will the media convince Australians to sacrifice their kids' futures on a false economic altar?
To say that much of the media has campaigned against adequate action on climate change would be an understatement.

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