Monday, August 12, 2013


The world can be powered by alternative energy in 20-40 years, Stanford researcher says |
Their plan calls for using wind, water and solar energy to generate power, with wind and solar power contributing 90 percent of the needed energy.
Apartments built inside wind turbines make living in the middle of the ocean seem even cooler | Grist
Gigantic wind turbines need people to maintain them. In its coolest iteration, this means day jobs for rock climbers.
How a gigantic offshore wind farm could spoil Lundy, Britain's most beautiful island – Telegraph Blogs
It's hard to envisage the colossal scale of this proposal, called the "Atlantic Array", but just try to picture it: each turbine is 100 metres taller than Salisbury Cathedral. And because of the site's proximity to Bristol airport, I'm told every one of them will be topped with a red light that will flash day and night.
IPCC 1990 : “there is no convincing evidence of an acceleration in sea level rise during the twentieth century” | Real Science
They reported that sea level is rising at 1-2 mm/year, which means that Miami won’t actually drown for another 3,000 years or so.
Cameron's coalition of liars, trimmers and charlatans are destroying Britain's landscape – Telegraph Blogs
About this time ten years ago, I enjoyed one of my happiest family holidays ever. It was on Lundy which, as Will Heaven rightly says, is the most beautiful island in Britain. If you're lucky enough to be staying in one of the Landmark Trust properties on the island you get the place pretty much to yourself once the daytrippers have gone. There are fantastic cliffs for your children to fall off, puffins to look for (though usually not to see: we never did) and seals to go swimming with. It's like living out an Arthur Ransome/Enid Blyton novel for real.

And now its unspoilt perfection is about to be ruined by a stupendously enormous, outrageously expensive, and totally effing useless offshore wind farm belonging to a big German energy company.

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