Saturday, August 03, 2013


Twitter / joabbess: @richardabetts Isn't climate ...
@richardabetts Isn't climate change science inverse of medical trial stopped coz treatment so successful, unethical to deny 2 control group?
Goats to help tend historic grave sites in the nation's capital - Washington Times
The revolutionary use of eco-goats eliminates the need for harmful herbicides
Long Term Central England Temperature Trends | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
It is also worth noting that CET average over the last five years is only 0.1C higher than the 50-Year average. There is every likelihood that this figure will drop when the AMO moves to its cold phase, probably around 2030.
Latest Death Spiral Forecast | Real Science
Our leading diplomats, scientists and environmental organizations have promised that the remaining 155,000 Manhattans of Arctic sea ice are going to melt in the next week or two. The graph below updates the most likely death spiral trajectory.
Arctic Sea Ice Melt Slowdown Begins More Than One Month Early – And Absolute Dead Media Silence On Antarctica!
As far as Antarctica is concerned, record highs are being recorded daily. Here we have absolute dead silence from the media and purveyors of gloom.

As the chances for an Arctic sea ice melt disaster fade with each passing day, expect the focus of the alarmists to increasingly shift to the hurricane season.

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