Friday, August 16, 2013


Secretary Moniz On Solyndra, Nuclear Power, And The Next Big Breakthroughs In Renewable Energy | ThinkProgress
[Moniz] Third area, I would say is electric vehicles, where it’s all about batteries. We have had a factor of two reduction in costs over the last five years, but we are still about a factor of four away from where we need to be for mass market penetration.
EPA chief admits ‘argument’ exists over global warming — so debate is not over |
She declined to take questions from reporters and left the Iowa Farm Bureau building on the state fairgrounds after posing for a few photos without further comment.
Fox News: 'There's No Question That The Polar Bear Is Thriving' | ThinkProgress
RIVETT: The polar bears are thriving as you said. In fact 50 years ago there were only 5,000 to 10,000 of this species. Today there are 25,000. Of the 17 populations, 14 of those populations are maintaining population or increasing their populations. So there’s no question that the bear is thriving.
IPCC struggles to explain lack of global warming — natural factors vs. ‘blip’ |
Scientists believe causes could include: greater-than-expected quantities of ash from volcanoes, which dims sunlight; a decline in heat from the sun during a current 11-year solar cycle; more heat being absorbed by the deep oceans; or the possibility that the climate may be less sensitive than expected to a build-up of carbon dioxide.

“It might be down to minor contributions that all add up,” said Gabriele Hegerl, a professor at Edinburgh University. Or maybe, scientists say, the latest decade is just a blip.

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